Lions top seminar 2019 (ENG)

Invitation to attend a three-day Seminar in Kranjska Gora, Slovenia, led by Sensei Livius Bunda and Sensei Jan Merc.

Livius Bunda, 7th DAN, is a former top competitor in kata, who was a very successful national team member of the former SFR Yugoslavia. After retiring as a competitor, he was chosen to become the national coach of the Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia national team. He was also the national coach of national teams of Serbia and Montenegro, Serbia as a separate country and Slovenia. Furthermore, he was deployed as an expert associate to work with the national teams of Jordan and Sweden. He is currently the coach of the national para karate team of Romania and an expert associate of the Romanian Karate Association. His students won over 200 medals of the highest level in kata competitions, such as the Balkan Championship, Mediterranean Games, European and World Championships. Sensei Bunda is to be credited for the first Slovenian kata medals in the international arena. Namely, under his mentorship Klemen Plazar won third place at Junior European Championships in 2012 in Baku and Maša Simonič also won third place at Junior European Championships in 2014 in Lisbon. Last but not least, Sensei Bunda actively participated in introducing para karate in Slovenia. In 2012 the first competitor in para karate, Igor Dobrič, performed for Slovenia at the World Championships in Paris under his mentorship.

Jan Merc, 4th DAN, is a former Slovenian national team member, who trained under mentorship of world class instructors, such as Jani Merc, Dušan Dačić, Vladimir Jorga and Tatsuo Suzuki. In his competition career he was successful both in kata and kumite. In senior kumite categories he represented the Slovenian national team and many karate clubs around Slovenia, namely KK Šiška, KK Slovan, KK Nova Gorica, KK Olimpija, DBV Piran, KK Vrhnika and KK Zmaj. He won several titles of the national champion in all age categories, was part of the winning national champion team in different categories and in the period of 2002-2016 won a great number of medals at the strongest international tournaments (e.g. Cro open, Austria open, Grado, Budapest open, Slovenia open…). Jan Merc won two bronze medals at the WIKF European Championships, 7th place at the Student World Championships in 2008 in Poland (Wroclaw), 5th place at the Golden League in 2009 in Germany (Aschaffenburg), 5th place at the Golden League in 2011 in the Netherlands (Rotterdam).

The Seminar will take place at the gym of the Primary school Josip Vandot, Koroška ulica 12, 4280 Kranjska Gora and is suitable for children and adults, namely for karateka at the beginning of their karate path (Beginner level sessions) and for seasoned karate masters (Advanced level sessions).

On top of the Advanced level sessions, national kata team members, who visit the Seminar, will have the chance to practice individually with Sensei Bunda (Olympic session).

Development integrated para karate to all levels of karate operations in the clubs, national associations and the World Karate Federation. Therefore the organizing comitee of the Seminar made a decision to equaly include para karate. Lions top seminar is the first seminar in Slovenia to offer sessions on para karate, on top of kata and kumite Beginner and Advanced level sessions. Para karate sessions will be led by Sensei Bunda.


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